Wednesday, 7 July 2010

deviantART: *moonywolf

I briefly blogged about the work of Moonywolf in my 'Water' themed entry in January to celebrate my birthday (Aquarius - water). However, her work is so beautiful that I have to show more!
There is something about 'Safe Zone' that I really love but I can't work out what it is... but I guess that's the clever thing with Moonywolf, a lot of her work is incredibly thought provoking! Moonywolf also uses a lot of female characters which is a favourite subject of mine (My Art Collection shows exactly how much!) and I assume this is because I can relate to them.At first sight, I wasn't sure if I liked 'Let's play' but the more I looked at it the more I noticed little things that I found so adorable such as the ear piercings or the plant pot sitting on the ledge of the head. Without the title, I would have seen this as one of her most surreal pieces.'Dance of the Moth' is just a truly beautiful piece of art and it occurred to me that the reason why these are some of my favourites are because they all contain that vibrant blue, this one especially! Blue has always been a consistent 'favourite' colour of mine and I'm pretty certain it started from when I was a child and desperately hated the association of gender with colour! Having said that, I definitely also went through a pink stage!'Be the Bear' is just stunning! As I pondered over the details, my eyes laid on the 'fangs' of the bear and it clicked. If you've been following my blog from the very start, you will know I love anything associated with vampires (which isn't under the influence of Twilight!) so the fangs did it for me. The title also helps explain this piece and the female is 'becoming' the bear...this also reminds me of Final Fantasy (one of my most favourite and most addictive video games!), where your character can morph into something stronger - a skill used when you are up against a hard enemy, or you just want to kill it quickly! It's a lot better than my explanation!! So, as you can see, there are so many positive associations I can make with this piece and things I generally love!
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