Saturday, 10 July 2010

Film Review: Eclipse.

Once again, I have had to put up with the screams from lovesick teenagers at the cinema because I chose to watch the new Twilight film, 'Eclipse', on the day of release! However, I didn't find myself minding it as much as I did when I watched 'New Moon' as I guess that was when the obsession with Edward and in particular Jacob, was at its peak. I actually found the whole experience quite humorous. I was rather impressed by Dakota Fanning's performance as Jane in 'New Moon' but did not feel the same way in 'Eclipse'. I really loved the character in the books, but she isn't being executed as well as she could be. I also thought that her twin brother in the film, Alec, looked a lot like Justin Bieber which I thought was really funny as I'm sure it was another attempt at pleasing the teenagers!The next point I wanted to make (and get out of the way) was the change of character. I hate it when films do this as it spoils the mood of the film and quite frankly, they should have just made more effort in casting the 'right' person in the first place. The character 'Victoria' was originally played by Rachelle Lefevre who I didn't think was suitable at all but I think I would've preferred if they just kept her in the franchise seeing as though she was not that much of an important character. Instead, she was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard who I was not impressed with either. I think it was her look that put me off the most, which the producers never really got right with the original Victoria either.. I mean, what on earth is she wearing and why is her hair like that. From reading the books, I always imagined Victoria to be so much more attractive and to have more of a presence. I saw her as a Jessica Rabbit and Alice from Resident Evil hybrid - Jessica Rabbit because of her red hair being such a key feature (it should have been longer with irregular curls), and Alice for her strength and courage. The producers of the Twilight franchise completely messed up with the Victoria character.'Eclipse is definitely the most 'romantic' side of the entire story but the film also made it the most amusing for me... most of these parts were entirely done by Jacob such as when he declares his feelings for Bella and forcibly kisses her which provokes Bella to punch him and in turn breaking her hand - which I thought was absolutely hilarious!Then there is a scene where Bella is freezing cold, so Jacob lays with her (because of his abnormal body heat) and he jokes about her taking her clothes off to help warm up, making Edward furious! I thought this scene was probably the funniest yet! The relationship between Jacob and Edward is also quite endearing and Kristen Stewart does a good job portraying Bella's feelings for the two. Going a bit off track but something I just have to mention... I found Kristen Stewart's hairline incredibly distracting, she must be wearing a wig as it looked very weird and I hated the general hair styling! Also, Edward's sideburns seem to be getting more and more Elvis-like!There were many cheesy bits in the film but I was actually OK with this as because of the popularity of the film, I expected a lot of changes would occur because of budget increase...but I'm glad that the general look of the first film had followed through to the others, same with the editing (where scenes are cut off at weird points!!), make-up (vampire skin is supposed to be flawless, but it has never looked flawless to me in Twilight!) and clothes... nothing in particular really stands out. The Twilight Saga is definitely in its own league.
Other points I wanted to make about the film was that it was very long when not much really happened. Basically, Victoria wants to kill Bella because Edward killed her mate James in 'Twilight', she makes up a vampire army to help her do so. However, because Bella is loved by the Cullens and the Wolves, they work together to stop Victoria. So, in between all of this, Bella is torn between Edward and Jacob, but when she kisses Jacob (to ensure he does not get himself killed in the fight as he becomes upset when he finds out Bella and Edward are engaged), she realises that she loves him...but realises that she loves Edward more. This is all the film shows and was not as satisfying as the others. However, I do find myself becoming less critical (honest!) as I am slowly forgetting the details in the books as I read them all over a year I'm guessing that the final films will be much better as I won't remember enough to be able to compare them to the books.
One last thing...I had mentioned in my previous Twilight film reviews that I wondered if the Twilight vampires bled, as when James is ripped apart, there is no more detail to that. My question was answered in 'Eclipse' where they are like ice or during the fight at the end, vampire bodies were simply shattered or 'broken'... I thought this was too simple and a lazy concept obviously taken from the fact that their skin was already 'as cold as ice'. However, this interpretation was typical of the film, where action and vampire physiology is probably the least important aspect of the story.
However, despite all the flaws and lazy concepts, I wouldn't have it any different as it is because of this that I find the film so fascinating (even though I love the story purely for the presence of vampires) and will happily watch all the films again and read the books again. If they improved on the make up, the editing, the special effects, then it would make the film become a snazzy Hollywood-esque film which takes away all the essence that makes the story so unique.
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