Thursday, 15 July 2010

Haute Couture Fall 2010. Part I - Chanel.

Moving swiftly on from the Resort 2011 collections to the Haute Couture Fall 2010 of my favourites so far - Chanel. I always like what I see from Chanel, but I always feel that the label can be a hit or miss with other people. I guess that if I don't like the clothing, I am always impressed by the overall extravagance and effort put into the actual show. This time, a huge golden lion was center stage with its paw resting on a pearl where the models would come out from...this already made the show 60% good to me!There were strong embellished pieces (always a favourite detail of mine) and even though many were just all-over glossy sequins on simple shapes, the overall styling with the tousled hair and shin-high matching sequined boots was just breathtaking!
The colour palette was pure beauty, with a balanced mix of light and dark tones which made the collection almost non-seasonal - which I think is what Haute Couture should be and is evident in many of the 'old-school' labels who seem to just do what they love regardless of season.I also sensed a nod to the orient such as the embroidered jacquard dress and high neck white and gold embellished dress (but then again the latter is worn by an oriental model!) but it may have started from seeing the golden lion - even though it looks more Narnia than a Chinese Guardian Lion...although, I'm sure there is a Chinese Restaurant called The Golden Lion somewhere?! Anyway, I don't have time to Google it! Nevertheless, I always love to see oriental influences in High Fashion as I don't think there is enough of it!One of my favourite pieces in the collection is this floral embellished cropped garment layered over a dress, with lace peeking through the sheer fabric, I just love it! The matching sequin boots with metal toe caps is also wonderful - the idea of it sounds dreadful, but the actual execution looks so interesting! Admittedly, I didn't warm to the footwear straight away, but they grew on me very quickly!
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