Monday, 26 July 2010

Patricia Anders.

Here is another little feature on the work of an artist I have come across - Patricia Anders. I actually first came across her work a couple of years ago on Etsy but I never bought anything because I just could not decide which one to get!! However, after browsing her work some more (specifically for this blog entry) I realised that the below piece, titled 'Red Dress' is my absolute favourite! My first reaction to this piece was laughter, it made me chuckle! Just look at her little face, her eyes!!! Her pose is equally funny with her fingers widely spread and stance is completely frozen, as though I have caught her doing something she shouldn't be doing! Then she is wearing this beautiful red dress that just completely pops out of the canvas!However, even though her pieces have a strangely humorous quality to them (or is it just me?), there is something incredibly dark about them too which is why I love them so much...I feel that there is something so much more behind the faces of these unusual creatures (which on a side note, could become an amazing animated film) and I just can't put my finger on it!The above piece titled 'Two sides to Suzee' comes a close second behind 'Red Dress'. I just adore the heavy black strokes creating both the hair and the background and their face expressions are very thought-provoking!This next favourite of mine is called 'Tangle' and the colours used are absolutely beautiful! The black and white striped accents are fun and again, it is top heavy where the hair makes up the background and really makes it stand out. However, this does not take any attention away from the rest of the piece such as the cute little sheer dresses that are common in some of the other pieces.These hand puppet sketches were on Patricia Anders' blog and they really made me laugh!! - Just look at that last one!! It is amazing how these sketches have the same amount of personality as the oil paintings!!
One more piece I wanted to show was 'Pregnant'...I love seeing characters pregnant and this one really made me giggle!
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