Saturday, 3 July 2010

Resort 2011. Part V.

This entry is solely about the much anticipated Alexander McQueen Resort 2011 collection by new Creative Director, Sarah Burton.My first reaction was that it looked a lot more feminine and commercial (such as the nude and lace dresses which had a much softer edge) in comparison to past collections by Alexander McQueen. However, I didn't see this as a negative point nor did I find the collection boring...instead, I found it quite nostalgic as it reminded me of my favourite elements in the Fall/Winter 2010 collection which I adored.I mostly loved the full-length gowns in brocade prints and blood-red which in regards to the blood-red, also appeared in the Givenchy collection...which still remains my most favourite so far. I don't usually like red (apart from when it's on my nails) but the colour is definitely growing on me now.
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