Thursday, 12 August 2010


I studied 'Art & Design' pretty much throughout all of my educational years, from Ceramics, Textiles, Painting, Sculpture, Metalwork, Woodwork... even Art History, I did it all! So I've always had a 'thing' about art supplies and equipment as we were constantly pushed to find new ways to create things with. Therefore, I thought I would share one of the best art supply shops in London - Atlantis.I learnt about this store while I was at University studying Fashion Design and some of my classmates were colouring in their fashion illustrations with pens that had a brush on the end...honestly, this was amazing as using watercolours or acrylics was always so messy! Of course, Atlantis was mentioned so I took myself there and was in complete awe of the place!
It had almost everything you would want as an artist and you could easily spend hours (and lots of money) there! Some of it is 'expensive' but as it's more like a warehouse than a retail shop, there are usually discounts with the more you buy - so having a few more extra pens or pencils shouldn't be a problem if you do Art full-time because you go through them so quickly, right?!
Atlantis relocated to a much larger space (Brick Lane) a few months ago and I recently went to check it out. There was certainly a lot more space and as always, I did a lot of shopping! I love the card they offer and the way it is presented makes it so easy to browse.
There was a ton of Fimo (polymer clay), something I want to have a go at in the future and in several different colours and finishes! Then there were pastels, chalks, pencils, and pens in all colours imaginable!I definitely recommend Atlantis for all artists across all possible fields, you will find something you will constantly go back for over and over again! Their website also states that there will be an online store which will be brilliant as going there can sometimes be inconvenient for me!
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