Sunday, 15 August 2010

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory 'No Clogs Allowed' Self Heating Detox Mask.

Some of you may know that I am currently a bit obsessed with the Soap & Glory beauty brand and I am on a mission to try everything they offer!! So far, I have blogged about the Heel Genius Foot Cream and the The Fab Pore 15 minute Facial Peel... but I still have about 5 other products that I still need to review! Today will be about the 'No Clogs Allowed' Self Heating Detox Mask which I have been using for about a month now and I love it! It says it is ideal for greasy skin, but my skin is mainly dry and I find that it still does what I want it to do! I prefer using it in the shower as it can be quite messy (well, it's messy for me!) and all I have to do is apply a generous amount to my face and when I rub it in with wet hands, there is an amazing heating sensation! I love the feeling of it and it's always good when you can feel something working!Afterwards, I used the sponge that is included with the pack to remove the mask. You can use your hands but using the sponge makes it so much easier! My face did feel a bit tight after use (because it is naturally dry I guess?) but as soon as I put some moisturising cream on, my skin felt amazingly smooth. I could hardly see my pores and my skin felt super polished!
Although I thought The Fab Pore 15 minute Facial Peel was great, I don't think I need to have that as well as the Detox Mask, and I definitely prefer the latter... the self-heating has definitely won me over! I highly recommend it and again, the price is a bargain at £10 as you will only be using this about twice a week.
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