Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Righteous Butter

To continue with my Soap & Glory beauty reviews, I am now on to the body butter! Firstly, the smell is divine and extremely recognisable (fruity!!)...I don't think I could ever forget the scent. If I didn't have any contact with Soap & Glory products for the next 10 years and I got a whiff of the scent, I would certainly remember it was Soap & Glory!!
I use Johnson's Baby Oil as a body moisturiser (after trying tons of creams and lotions, this oil is by far the best for my body) but I have still wanted to also have a good body butter to use. The Soap & Glory Righteous Butter is fantastic, and is at its best when I use Flake Away in the shower, and as soon as I'm out, to lather on the body butter.The mixture of both scents creates something even better as the body butter on its own (applied a few hours later) can sometimes be a bit sickly - only because it's the sweetest smelling thing I have ever used on my body. On a slightly negative point (but not enough to stop me from using it), the body butter sometimes feels sticky when I don't apply after a shower, I guess it is best when my pores are still 'open'. Nevertheless, it is suggested that the butter is applied on after a shower/bath anyway!!!
Overall, this is a great body butter but the scent may not be to everyone's liking - my mother hates it, but she loves scents like Rose, Lavender, Lemongrass...complete opposites!!
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