Thursday, 26 August 2010

deviantART: *SteveArgyle

I haven't done a deviantART blog entry in a while now (aiming for at least 2 a month, there is so much talent on the site, it will take me decades to blog about all my favourites!) but here is one I have wanted to do for absolutely ages - *SteveArgyle. I wanted to take my time to look through all his work on his website (tons!) and to also of course, get permission to blog about it all (thank you)! This first one is titled 'Bloodthrone Vampire' and is just absolutely beautiful.While looking through his work, I quickly noticed how much I loved his interpretations of vampires...which was the same way I like to see them as! Female vampires are not overtly sexified, the idea of all vampires having some sort of skill (not just the skill of being able to rip a throat apart!) but like his piece above, I automatically saw her as being some sort of spider/vampire hybrid (love it!)...also, not having ridiculously long fangs (i.e. not too animalistic - although sometimes this is necessary in some characters!)...and I love how she looks like she may belong to a tribe etc etc...I just love seeing the personality of a vampire and not the general stereotype. I guess I see vampires as a type of 'superhero'....
This next piece is called 'Slave of Bolas' which was a possible Desktop wallpaper choice for me (I think that's how I first came across Steve Argyle's work). The colours are striking, I love the whole 'fallen-angel/soldier-being-possessed' notion of it...or maybe whatever is possessing her is leaving? Anyway, as I work in Fashion Design, I am always drawn to the costumes used in artworks and this costume was perfect. A lot of his works depict known characters - many I did not know of so my thoughts about each piece is probably completely different to what it is supposed to mean! I love this character and I would love to see her in more of his work, so it is like a little story! One of his YouTube videos shows the progress of this digital painting, it is amazing to watch: Steve Argyle's Slave of Bolas YouTube video.Next is 'Obsidian Champion' and I initially loved this for the most random reason! OK here goes...I loved how the strap over her left breast has completely distorted it! The reason why I love this is because you WILL NOT BELIEVE the amount of art I have seen where there is a strap used to cover a female characters nipples but the breast is shaped as if she is wearing the most perfect-fitting invisible bra! Male artists seem to love doing this - sometimes two straps are crossed over to cover both!! Is it just me who has noticed this?!! Anyway, I'm not turning my nose up at this at all, I love Fantasy art because anything-goes, but just with this particular piece, her distorted (but completely realistic) breast stood out! Besides that, there are of course several other things I loved about this piece. Her costume is just WOW, especially the headpiece...and like 'Slave of Bolas' (above), I would love to see this character more, particularly in battle! Also, one last thought I had of this piece, she would make a brilliant enemy in the Hellboy films!And lastly, one of my absolute favourites - 'Celestial Mantle'. It has been my Desktop wallpaper for years (that's what it feels like anyway!) and I never had the same wallpaper for more than 2 months until this one. I just never get bored of it. You MUST look at this as the wallpaper to really appreciate the detail. Steve Argyle mentions that he wanted the armour to look like shards of diamond which I would have instantly recognised without reading it anyway. I grew up quite closely with my older brother so I ended up doing a lot of things that he did (or maybe one would call it copying?) such as playing computer games.This armour would be THE ultimate armour to get in a game and how amazing would it look in motion - it could also have its own power, like shooting out shards of diamond, or something like blinding the enemy..OK getting a bit carried away! .... but I think this is the best armour I have ever seen. Although I know I am being biased because it is worn by a female, not sure if I would feel the same way if it was on a male character, although I'm curious how it would look! One last thought about this though, is I wonder how it would also look if she was dark haired? Would the armour look like black diamond because of the reflection?
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