Sunday, 22 August 2010

Film Review: Star Trek (2009)

Firstly, I really really really wanted to review this film as soon as I had seen it, which was way back on the 8th of May 2009, and also the first UK release date! I went with my boyfriend as he had loved it since he was a child and had also got me interested in it. I was a bit concerned whether I would understand the film or be satisfied with what I could understand... I didn't want to watch it for the sake of watching a good science fiction film, I wanted to see it through the eyes of a Star Trek fan..
Anyway, that obviously wasn't going to happen but I was completely 'into' it and managed to sneak in some quick, whispered questions to my boyfriend whenever I was a bit confused with some of the terminology, and the film was just fantastic! I didn't feel like I was lost on anything that was happening, although I think there was the odd one-liner with reference to the original 1960's Star Trek series, because I occasionally heard laughter when I didn't particularly find anything funny!The opening sequence was stunning and instantly got my attention, it was fast paced and showed Captain Kirk's father risking his life to save hundreds of people on the ship... simultaneously as Captain Kirk was being born elsewhere. The pace never changed throughout the entire film and this kept me completed fixated to the screen.
Eric Bana plays Nero (a Romulan), and like all his films, he was brilliant! My boyfriend wasn't impressed that the 'Romulan' look had changed as they are supposed to look like Vulcans (Spock) i.e with hair! However, I quite liked that they looked different to Vulcans, and it would be easier to differentiate the two races from one another as a viewer.Spock, who is played by Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) was outstanding, but I never expected anything different. I'd watched the original Spock in one of the episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation (my boyfriend and I had watched the entire series which I need to blog about actually!) so I had a pretty good idea at what the character was like, and Zachary Quinto was just perfect...or dare I say, better.
Nevertheless, I greatly appreciated the appearance of the original Spock (Leonard Nimoy) as it instantly made the film so much more credible. Also, it was great that he wasn't playing Spock's father/grandfather - because that is always so cheesy!- but instead he played future-Spock. On the topic of oldies, I also greatly appreciate the NON-appearance of the original Captain Kirk (William Shatner) as he must be one of the most irritating actors in existence and he would have spoilt this film! Chris Pine did a much better job and his on-screen chemistry with Zachary Quinto was fantastic and very humorous.
I had previously read some negative reviews about the cast being too young in comparison to the original Star Trek... however, I felt that this was an intelligent route to take as it was introducing Star Trek to a new audience/ generation, like myself. I wouldn't change the cast at all.Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura was also great and to me, a very important character. When I watch action films, I feel that there should always be a strong female lead - and not a 'damsel in distress' character because it is so tedious and annoying to watch - almost as annoying as when in Horror films, the female (why is it ALWAYS the female!?!) runs up the stairs to get away from the 'killer' instead of using the front door.
Also, my boyfriend said that Uhura is supposed to kiss Captain Kirk (as it was the first inter-racial kiss on TV at the time), not Spock...I loved this change in the story, not only because it goes against the original, but I felt that they were much better suited and that there was more scope for their relationship to develop. Also, Captain Kirk is portrayed as a womaniser, and if he got together with Uhura it could only go two ways - it is a kiss and that is all or it is a kiss that leads onto a full-on relationship and Captain Kirk becomes committed to it.. both ways being incredibly boring! It is so much more interesting having Uhura in some sort of relationship with Spock who is half Human/Vulcan and Vulcans suppress their emotions (so this kiss is a huge stepping stone for the character)...I hope something exciting happens in the Star Trek sequel! Overall, this film was brilliant and I recommend it to everyone - I hope my review made sense, but I am still learning about all the different races, species etc... there is so much!
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