Saturday, 28 August 2010

Film Review: Thirst.

I had read about this film several months before it was due to be released in the UK and after learning that it was to be directed by Park Chan-Wook who also directed OldBoy (one of the best films ever), I knew this would be one amazing film! However, I missed it at the cinema as I literally found it impossible to find, or it was in for a very short time and I missed it - the very sad problem a lot of foreign films have in the UK - as I have noticed. (I ended up utilising LOVEFiLM's 4 hours of online viewing which is included in my package.)
Thirst is Korean-made and is possibly the most unique vampire film I have ever watched. A kind-hearted priest volunteers to participate in tests that will hopefully find a cure for a killer virus. However, he becomes infected... but survives when he receives a blood transfusion...which in turn is infected with something else and leads on to him becoming a vampire. Now, I realise I am making it sound ridiculously farfetched, but I promise it isn't!! Also, his 'transformation' isn't how you would imagine at all. It was incredibly subtle and really refreshing to not see the typical - nails growing, fangs appearing, eyes changing colour, blemishes disappearing etc ... it was just so real and wasn't instantaneous either.As he survived the virus, many people believed that he had a gift of healing and were keen to attend his church services. He meets his childhood friend who invites him to his home for game nights. He also finds himself becoming attracted to his friend's wife, who asks him for help in getting away from her husband and over-bearing mother-in-law. He is of course ashamed with his new desires - blood, sex etc ... but there is a scene where he drinks from a hospital patient through a tube (like a straw) and I just thought this was so endearing!! He does not want to kill so he steals blood packs from the hospital to keep him going. I loved how he was still the 'kind-hearted' character he was before becoming a vampire as it was just so much more interesting to watch him trying not to sin, instead of going on a rampage!
Anyway, I don't want to talk about the whole film as you just have to watch it...the acting was brilliant, especially the wife...she was super entertaining...especially as she goes through many personality was just so surreal to watch.
I was also very satisfied with the ending which is rare for me to say...a film could be 100% perfect all the way through until it is spoilt by the ending! This is an absolutely must-watch film.
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