Sunday, 29 August 2010

Initial. Part II.

Back in June 2009, my blog entry 'Initial' introduced a batch of vintage heart and oval initial charms I found and turned into necklaces with matching pouches. However, it became a slight frustration to myself and potential buyers when I didn't have the initial they wanted - I probably only had about 10 letter choices out of 26! Now, over a year later, I decided it was time to expand and to sort out the problem with not having all the initials available! So, I recently sourced some tiny 925 sterling silver charms where I am able to produce all the letters of the alphabet and here they are!The original initial charm necklaces were presented in unbleached cotton pouches but to differentiate the two, I decided to present these silver ones in optic white cotton pouches which I made from complete scratch and with the initial printed on nice and bold! They're all currently available here.
I am still looking for other initials I can use and definitely keen on maybe getting wooden or acrylic ones made? The ideas are endless with this...look out for Part III!
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