Saturday, 7 August 2010

Resort 2011. Part VI.

Wow I haven't gone this long without blogging in ages but it's actually because I took a week off work... my first 'holiday' in about two years! So now I'm back, refreshed, and wanted to show you the Christopher Kane Resort 2011 collection which I almost missed!This isn't the first time Christopher Kane has used cosmic digital prints in his collections, and when I saw it in the first couple of pieces, I wasn't sure if I would be as excited by this collection in comparison to all the other ones...but my mind quickly changed!
He was using recognisable prints (which looks to be turning into a signature print?) but he was using them on very exciting shapes! The zip-through-haltered-midi-length dress looked so striking in the red and yellow galaxy print while the babydoll silhouettes and simple waisted dresses with the delicate lace chiffon cape detail was adorable!
I loved how the prints were all quite varied as though I was in a spaceship, drifting through the galaxy and seeing it change all around me (OK, I have seriously been watching too much Star Trek!).
The use of leather was an excellent touch and gave it a bit of a tougher edge, although this was then contradicted by the most amazing shoes I have seen in Resort 2011 so far, those boudoir candyfloss platforms!!!
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