Monday, 16 August 2010

Supper Club: Fernandez & Leluu.

I attended my friend's birthday dinner last month which was a 'Secret Supper Club' by Fernandez & Leluu and although I don't really blog much about food (love it, just not that passionate!), I really enjoyed the evening and wanted to share! The dinner was held at Fernandez & Leluu's home i.e. 'Secret Supper Club' and although I was initially weirded out (I had never heard of a 'supper club' before) with it being held at a stranger's house...then I thought about the hygiene...but then this quickly turned into the notion of it most probably being so much more hygienic then at a restaurant!... my weird feeling about it then swiftly turned into being intrigued by the idea and I was super excited to go!

I was quite keen on seeing the house (love interior design etc), and it was definitely to my taste! There was a strong vintage-cottage aesthetic which was so adorable and as there were about 30 of us, we were seated on separate tables. I thought this would be awkward at first, but then again if we were all seated on one big table, I still wouldn't be able to speak to people on the other end anyway, so it didn't really matter..and actually, it felt like we were in our own little private restaurant! Also, in true dining style, name cards were placed on all the tables...and yes, I do happen to coincidentally share the same name as my long-term muse!First up was Beetroot Dip with Bread. I've never liked beetroot (not sure if I'd ever even had it before??), but when I saw it in 'dip' form and the COLOUR it was, I just had to try it...and my-oh-my I was amazed at how good it tasted. This was so typical of me though, the way food looks would really determine whether I put it into my mouth or not, this has always been a nuisance for my parents since childhood. I despised mushrooms as a child, they just look so ugly but I ate one by accident a few years ago and I have been addicted to them ever since! I really need to stop judging food before taste!
Then there was Feta, Zucchini & Cucumber Salsa with Mint and Parsley which I forgot to take a photo of. It was OK but I'm not a fan of cold food unless it is cereal, dessert etc ... I don't like sandwiches, but I will certainly eat a Subway Meatball Marinara because it's piping hot!
Following on from that dish was Pea Soup with Parmesan & Ham...this looked and tasted YUMMY! (I have to admit that I had already consumed two spoonfuls by the time I took this photo - it looked even better when it was freshly put in front of me!).
After the soup, we were then served Bacon Swirl & Vegetable Terrine which was very nice and easy to eat (sorry no photo, too busy eating).
Below is the Cambodian Steak Salad with Sugar Snap Peas & Chips, this was divine and was consumed pretty quickly!Following the Steak Salad was the Rainbow Trout Soup with Glass Noodles, Pak Choi, Coriander & King Prawn. However, I was really starting to feel the effect of eating so much and I wanted to save the little space left in my stomach for, I had a few sips of the soup (very nice) and handed it over to the Birthday Girl to devour! (She made sure I was sat next to her as she wanted my leftovers!)And lastly, what I was looking forward to the most... dessert! We were served an Upside Down Apple Pie with Rose Cream and this was superb! I don't think it looks great in my photo, but it was truly delicious! I gobbled (classy!) as much as I could before I had to swiftly leave to catch my last train home!
I really enjoyed the evening and would definitely recommend it for people looking to experience a new style of dining. Also, while my friend was arranging the evening, she emailed all the guests asking if we had any allergies or dislikes, so I thought it was great that the menu would cater for us...and the price per head was also excellent for what you were getting.
I can see the whole 'Secret Supper Club' idea really kicking off (unless it already has and I just have no idea about it) as it's a wonderful concept!
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