Saturday, 14 August 2010

Vintage at Goodwood 2010.

I attended the Vintage at Goodwood Festival yesterday in Chichester with work colleagues and even though it rained, I had an amazing time! Vintage at Goodwood "is the first of what will be an annual music and fashion led celebration of creative British cool from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, featuring the leading DJs, bands, collectors, purveyors of vintage clothing and vintage vinyl from each decade, as well as contemporary bands and brands inspired by Britain's rich creative and cultural heritage."

I'd never been to a festival so I wasn't sure what to expect, and admittedly, I can be slightly high maintenance! However, I went with an open mind and this was definitely my kind of festival! As I entered the main part, there is a 'High Street' section where there are huge decorated boxes (OK they were 'shops' but they looked like boxes!) which housed the brands/labels and I felt like I was in some sort of toy town! The majority of people that attended had also dressed to suit a specific decade, the 50's and 60's seemed to stand out the most and there was so much effort put into it. The shop below is called 'Vintage Emporium' and had the most amazing shop front and contained the cutest items such as printed t-shirts, totes and notebooks.The Dr Martens Store also looked good and they were customising your boots, however I wasn't wearing mine but I'm not sure if I would've got them customised anyway!
There was also an array of vintage cars which I really loved looking at! I never really had much of an interest in cars until 8 years ago when I met my boyfriend and he adored cars. Then when he started working at BMW, it exposed me to a world of luxury cars (he would always have the newest model as his company car) and that really got me excited! At that time, I decided that when I finally got a car, I either wanted a slick BMW or to go the complete opposite (but sticking to the same manufacturer), a convertible Mini Cooper! I still don't have my own car yet (too expensive to have one in London and pointless when there is a huge train network) but to add on my mental list of 'cars I'd like to have', it would definitely be a quirky vintage one now!
The Fortnum & Mason box looked so striking especially with the seating area outside. I've never actually been to Fortnum & Mason in London or really paid attention to it, not sure I even knew what it was now that I think about it?! So after seeing them at Goodwood (I didn't go inside because it started raining and everyone started to seek shelter!) and checking their website out, I will definitely be visiting them soon for some tea and cake!What I loved about the Festival was that everywhere you looked there was always something going on! People playing instruments, people dancing by themselves, people getting their hair was surreal! I especially found the pin-up girls below truly delightful as they strutted in a line through the Festival without a care in the world! I also definitely love the look of a longer-line bathing suit.There was also a vintage-looking cinema that was playing retro films! I didn't have time to sit through one, but I thought it was such a brilliant idea. It also made me think how wonderful it would be if London had it's own, permanent version of the festival. Almost like a retro version of Carnaby Street...The Prince Charles Cinema would also fit perfectly into this street! I just can't believe a Vintage Festival hasn't been done before, it is such a good idea!Again, some more vintage cars! This pale chartreuse one was just beautiful in person, and so was the puce pink one next to it.When we entered the Soul Casino, we ended up going back to it 5 more times! There was a dance floor and the DJs were playing 60s/70s music, all I had never heard of but all sounding amazing! I had previously mentioned how I was currently in a 70s/80s music bubble in a previous blog entry and being in the Soul Casino has reinforced this even more and adding another decade of music to my bubble! It was also the first time I had heard it super loud and in such a genuine 60s/70s environment where everyone looked as though they just walked out of a time machine from the 60s! This room was definitely one of my highlights, I could have stayed for ages!After the 'High Street' part of the festival, there was a row of vintage stores which I loved! The only downside with this though was that the tents were super small therefore making it quite difficult to browse...however, browsing vintage is never easy anyway!Another favourite for me was the Fun Fair! We went on the Waltzers which was hilarious and a lot faster than how it looks! I also went to the Roller Disco (and realised I had forgotten how to skate!) where the Horse Meat Disco set was being played - I'd never heard of HMD but it was definitely my type of music!...and because of this, I must say that the festival was actually very educational!!
There is so much more I could say but it would take over my blog, so I think I will leave it at that for now and just highly recommend it for everyone! It will definitely be THE festival I attend each year now and I will certainly be making more effort with what I wear and will go on ALL the rides such as the Big Wheel and the Helter Skelter! My eyes have truly been opened to the world of retro and I love it. The organisers have done an excellent job for the first one, I was truly impressed and the toilets were much better than what I expected from a festival! The website is also great but needs a bit more work as it is quite difficult to navigate and took me forever to actually find the venue address! I can see next year being even more amazing and will probably triple in size...I'm sure many more companies will want to get involved so I hope that the festival will still stay true to vintage.
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