Thursday, 30 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part XIII. Marni.

The Marni collection started out a bit slow for me but as soon as I started to see more texture in the outfits I absolutely adored it all! The popular 'scuba' theme for Spring collections was translated in such a unique and eccentric way, it was so refreshing to see! I was surprised to see the use of appliqu├ęd guipure daisies, it was really random but I completely appreciated this quirky element. I loved the paillette clusters on the sleeve which looked brilliant and the presence of embellishment definitely made me like the collection even more.This blocked paillette embellished dress was definitely one of my favourites and I really loved how the cycling shorts were also embellished and not left plain!!A final point about the collection that was just amazing although not surprising, were the accessories. I would wear all the pieces and the tea strainer necklace was just 'WOW'!!
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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part XII. Emilio Pucci.

I knew the Emilio Pucci collection wouldn't let me down. Luxe dresses and embellishments is all I need to see! My attention was caught from the very first dress in china blue and white (also reminiscent of Rodarte's collection) with complimentary embellishment in a stunning cutaway detail. Emilio Pucci definitely knows how to use print and embellishment and I find myself absolutely adoring some of the maxi dresses because of it.At first sight this mini dress is just 'beautiful' but on closer inspection, the surface decoration is outstanding! The cornelli pattern is so simple but looks incredibly flattering as it follows the contours of the body. The tassels are adorable and I never thought I would like a mirror embellishment so much!The collection consistently surprised me and I was hooked! As the final dress came out I was completely blown away - it consisted of the same technique as the previously mentioned dress but this time with noticeable sheer inserts and cutout details...I can't even imagine how long this may have taken to produce but I have the biggest desire to see this in person. I will seek this out in the department stores next year - which I'm sure I will not forget!
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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part XI.

I always love Dolce & Gabbana. They manage to make their same recipe of lace and leopard print look new and exciting each time. It was a huge collection and a lot of white!! The white chantilly and guipure lace dresses were beautiful but they all started to morph into each other as there were so many of them, but then a leopard print dress with white lace popped out and I wasn't expecting something like that to work, but it did! The sheer floral dress with white lace was so lovely but my most favourite part of the collection was towards the end where the white lace dresses were suddenly encrusted with beautiful embellishments!The Just Cavalli collections are always initially too busy and overwhelming for me to see. There is just always so much colour, so many prints...just so much going on!! But as always, once I look through properly, there are just so many beautiful details. I adored the sheer white blouse with an ashened floral print and petal collar detail - the trousers however, are a different story.Other elements that I liked was this cream-on-cream embellishment with floral clusters and a dense sequined bib detail. However, what I liked most about the collection (and a very small part of it) were the geode necklaces which were also used in belts and as brooches. I loved the organic look to them which was quite contrasting to the collection, but they certainly caught my eye.
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Monday, 27 September 2010

Beauty Review: L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream.

My two top hand creams are definitely Soap & Glory's Hand Food and L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom one. Although extremely different - Soap & Glory's cream is 125ml and costs £4.50 while L'Occitane is £7.00 for 30ml ... and the scent is very contrasting - I still love and use them both.
Even though L'Occitane is so much more expensive, I am still happy to pay that price for what I'm getting as I only ever find myself using a small amount to cover both my hands....and when I think I have finished it all, I always manage to squeeze a bit more out each time (as you can see, I have almost squeezed the life out of it!). The cherry-blossom scent is divine and makes me want to get a shower, hair, body cream and everything else in it! The cream leaves my hands very supple with no sticky-feeling. I recommend this cream 100% and based on scent only, I would choose this over Soap & Glory's Hand Food.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part X.

Anything that I see on the catwalks that makes me do a triple-take has to make it onto my blog(!) such as this weird and wonderful head/face piece as seen in Francesco Scognamiglio's collection. I think it was what I loved most about the collection in addition to the first couple of dresses which looked really fresh and I particularly liked the tonal embellishment. These dresses are not an indication of what the collection is about at all otherwise I would have shown some more, in fact everything else that follows it doesn't really relate at all.When I saw the first few pieces from the Jil Sander collection, I definitely had a 'WOW' moment. I absolutely adored the idea of a simple t-shirt worn with an amazing structured skirt...I'm sure this has been done before (like everything else) but this is certainly the first time I have really taken notice of it.The colours were beautiful and I would never have thought magenta, forest green and royal purple would look so stunning blocked together...same with orange and royal purple! One of my favourite pieces from the collection was definitely the cherry-blossom pink strapless shin-skimming dress.I've never noticed Gabriele Colangelo's collections before (no idea about the history of the label either) but I thought some pieces were effortlessly beautiful.
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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part IX. Versace.

I haven't felt this strongly about Versace for a very long time! Something about it just made me tick! The colours were delicious and I was delighted when I saw the Aztec pattern through seam lines and prints as it reminded me of the Versace logo which is the head of Medusa (and got my attention as a child as I was/still am highly interested in Ancient Greek Mythology).The knee length pencil dresses looked slick and sexy with my favourite being the washed-camel cutout piece with cutaway neckline, slashed up the middle and blue stencilled Aztec print.I adored the black zip-through PVC dress with transparent Aztec seaming and I don't often pay much attention to tailoring, but the bright orange jacket, edged in PVC with big 60s-esque buttons was so cute - however, with a bare waist and fitted pencil skirt, it still oozed the sexiness the Versace label is known for!I was delighted to eventually see an entire outfit covered in the Aztec print and what I loved most about it - and as I previously mentioned- is that the print looked as though it had been stencilled on, rather than a digital print...I really liked the unrefined look of it!The print then appeared as fringing which was completely unexpected and it just made me love the collection so much more!The fringing then turned into a solid colour where some of it looked like hair! I wasn't crazy about this part (the end) of the collection as I felt it was backtracking to the 'look' of previous collections, but it was small and didn't change how I felt about everything else beforehand. As previously stated, I haven't been this excited about Versace in ages and I now cannot wait to see the next collection!!
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Friday, 24 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part VIII.

Moschino are of course my most favourite label and as I say time and time again - influenced me to pursue Fashion naturally, I am always keen to see the collection each season. To get the negative out of the way, I almost cried when I saw cowboy hats AGAIN, I absolutely hate them! Nevertheless, my favourite items were not styled with cowboy hats, or maybe they became my favourite outfits because of this? However, I did have a very soft spot for the thimble embellished biker jacket!!! The outfits were cute but could have been a lot more quirkier which is what I love most about the label. The jewellery was lovely and I particularly loved the Fleur-de-Lis necklace.My feelings for the collection by Antonio Marras was not instant. I actually dismissed it...but I loved his last one so much I decided to look through it again and the floaty maxi dresses and use of lace was actually very beautiful. I also liked the idea of the cuffed chiffon trousers which was reminiscent of the work by Paul Poiret.As I extracted and assembled my favourite pieces from the Gianfranco Ferre collection, I was amused to find that they were black and white or both when there was actually much more colour! I felt that these outfits were timeless and most memorable.
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Thursday, 23 September 2010

London MCM Expo.

About a year ago, I came across Cosplay. I'm sure I've always known about the concept as I grew up closely with my brother therefore was into a lot of the things he was into i.e. gaming... and as previously mentioned, I loved playing Chun-Li on Street Fighter, and often wore my hair in double buns like she did - strictly at home though!! ... and I must have known that there were places where people went and dressed up like their favourite characters! However, I never really looked any further into it.Cosplay is ..."short for 'costume play', and is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea." I can't remember how exactly I came across it, but I'm sure that the fact my younger sister is completely obsessed with manga and anime (reads it, watches it, listens to J/K-POP) made me more aware of it as she had shown me people dressed up as her favourite characters which were actually truly impressive and realistic! I couldn't believe how much effort went into the creation of these costumes such as Orochi X as Siegfried Schtauffen from Soul Calibur IV which debuted at Comic Fiesta in 2008 in Malaysia. My jaw dropped the first time I saw it.There are so many amazing costumes I came across so I thought I would just choose one male and one female for my blog entry. The latter is HexReedFly's stunning creation based on the Twin Sisters of Shiva who are summons from Final Fantasy XIII. I haven't played XIII yet as I decided to start again from VII as seen here but I haven't played it since October 2009 so I will be starting all over again some time soon...
Anyway, my boyfriend has completed XIII and showed me how the Twin Sisters of Shiva actually transform into a motorbike for a character called Snow. It looked amazing and whoever thinks of these things is a genius!Anyway, I almost forgot the whole point of this blog entry - MCM Expo - which is Cosplay in London and I can't wait to go! It is basically an event to promote all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy, whether they're video games, films, comics, art etc.
My sister is dressing up as a character but boringly, I am not. As it will be my first time, I just want to see what it is like, UK-style...and unfortunately, based on some photos I have seen, I don't see the costumes looking as amazing as how they do in the Far East...instead, they look a bit cringeworthy - sorry, I have to be honest!! However, I am going with a completely open-mind and I do hope my opinion on this is reversed. For more information and tickets (it is happening this October!), you can visit their site:

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part VII.

Starting with my favourite Milan shows is Prada. I could not believe what I was seeing. It was one of the most refreshing collections I had seen so far and it is so hard to do stripes without it looking nautical. I didn't get a sense of nautical-ness at all! The 1920s fingerwaved hair was the 'oh my god' moment for me, it was just so perfect! I surprisingly loved the colour palette which I wouldn't usually but it really worked, especially mixed in with intricate and quirky prints such as the little monkeys! This collection is definitely one of my favourites and I can see it becoming incredibly influential.Next up is Sportmax, which like many other collection was slightly disappointing...until I reached the end. The idea of 3D lace butterflies would usually make me sick but for some strange reason look adorable here. I think the fact that they are in bright red and white makes it work, it would probably look really tacky if they were done in pastels and would look as though they came straight out of a Clinton's Card. (-when are they ever going to shut down?)Alberta Ferretti never fails to impress me. Her collection this season was beautiful as usual but also had a sense of decadence which I haven't seen from her before, as her gowns are usually so luxurious...but I liked it!
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