Sunday, 5 September 2010


I previously blogged about the Tommy Guns frequent-use hair conditioner that I had been using for a while and absolutely loved, but I didn't mention another two frequent-use hair conditioner that I had purchased too, by the Anatomicals brand. I wasn't crazy about the packaging, the colours looked tacky together and the labelling on both looked as though they were from two different brands. They're both labelled as 'The Sleek Shall Inherit The Earth' frequent-use hair conditioner...and actually, could possibly be the same thing in different packaging. However, the dispenser bottle is £5 for 300ml, while the other is £2 for 250ml. So, not only is the packaging inconsistent, so is the confusing!! Anyway, I only got these because they were on sale and wanted to try a brand I hadn't tried before....and I won't be trying Anatomicals again.There is hardly any scent to both conditioners, which, if they promoted it to be organic etc, would be completely fine, but there is nothing on the packaging to explain this...and the tiny hint of a scent I could smell was not very appealing. When I used them (on different days), my hair didn't feel conditioned at all, nothing hair certainly did not feel sleek! However, I continued to use each one for a week to see if there was any difference, but there was none....and have officially become the most pointless products I have ever used! They are now in the bin and if the other Anatomicals products are anything like their hair conditioners, they will not survive in the huge market of Hair & Beauty.
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