Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Hand Food.

To add to my Soap & Glory reviews (I just also wanted to clarify that I have actually bought all the products I said, I'm obsessed!) here is their hand cream, lovingly named 'Hand Food'.
As I work in Fashion Design, I'm either flicking through magazines and books for research, hand sewing, hand embellishing, answering endless emails, draping on a stand, cutting fabric...and so on...therefore my hands get a complete battering every single day! Then, when I'm not doing my full-time job, I am working on goods for my Etsy Shop, which is even more handwork! My hands often get paper dry so I am always on the look out for good hand creams which I like to apply 4-5 times a day as I really do believe it's important to take care of your skin.Soap & Glory Hand Food was also one of my first purchases from the brand (alongside a couple of the others I have reviewed) as at £4.50 (for 125ml), I was definitely willing to give it a go! As soon as you squeeze it out the tube, you are welcomed with the intense, sweet smell that I have learned is very common throughout their products...and I think in this case, it is the marshmallow ingredient that really does it! Other ingredients also contain shea butter which always wins me over. As soon as I start rubbing the cream into my hands, they instantly feel incredibly supple, baby soft and non-sticky. I will definitely purchase this again once it runs out, although it has strong competition with my other favourite hand cream by L'Occitane - which I shall review at a later date!
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