Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Last month, I noticed a mention via the Etsy forums about another place where you could sell handmade goods - Cargoh. I see this a lot and very rarely do I explore further...mainly because I don't do it full-time and I can just about keep my Etsy shop consistently filled with new things. Also, I've seen many other 'places to sell handmade' and have been severely unimpressed. However, there was something about 'Cargoh' that made me click the link and find out what it was. The name had a completely different vibe to all the other potential handmade-selling venues, and I quite liked the fact that it sounded masculine and with a quirky spelling.So I clicked the link and was welcomed with a modern interface design, big bold welcoming letters, huge images of things for sale and just a really contemporary look to it all. I loved it. I adored that it was so different to the other places and most importantly, I also felt it was one of the most unisex sites I had seen in this field.
So, although I have no time at all, I filled out their online application form to sell on their site - another great thing - it is juried! I appreciated this process as it meant that my products (providing I was allowed to sell on their site!) would sit alongside other beautiful products and not just random bits and bobs.My application was approved within a couple of days so I started work on my 'shop' and added my handmade pieces. Of course, I wanted to keep to the general aesthetic of the site so I only added pieces that I felt were complimentary. If this was another 'Etsy' site, I wouldn't have bothered signing up, but the different style would of course attract a different type of customer that may not shop on Etsy. Cargoh's tagline is '...a social marketplace for Independent Art, Design and Culture' and if you browse the site, you can really see this. In each shop, there are Facebook and/or Twitter widgets, you can even add music to your shop (whether it's music you like, or your own music!) and their blog is filled with an array of information! So far, everything about the site has been positive - listing is super-easy, the Cargoh staff are very friendly and the other shops look fantastic! I look forward to seeing the site grow and if you feel your products will sit on the site, don't hesitate to apply!
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