Sunday, 19 September 2010

Film Review: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

I finally got sent the long awaited DVD from LOVEFiLM- The Legend of Chun-Li. Chun-Li was the character I always picked when I used to play Street Fighter as a child with my older brother. Two reasons - I just couldn't bear playing a male character and her special moves were not too difficult to produce, especially her Lightning Kick which I think only consisted of the player repeatedly pressing two buttons simultaneously-which as a 6 year old was pretty fun! Lightning Kick was literally a move where she kicks from a tilted position very fast! I used this move ALL THE TIME which infuriated my component (mainly my brother) as everytime he would come near to do an attack, he would simply get kicked away! However, I do recall when he quickly managed to find a way to halt this by using Ryu's (his favourite character) fireball! Anyway, when I learned that they were making a film JUST about her last year, I couldn't wait to watch it!
I felt indifferent about Kristin Kreuk playing Chun Li. I thought she was great as Lana in Smallville...but I didn't really see her as Chun Li and felt that it was predictable to cast her. Also, Chun Li is supposed to be full Chinese, Kristin Kreuk is not. Like many people, these things really get on my nerves. I would've been happier if they got Ziyi Zhang to just play Chun Li, at least she can fight. I was really let down by Kristin Kreuk and noticed for the first time that she actually isn't as good as an actress that I thought she was...and MOST disappointingly, there was NO SIGN of her Lightning Kick - I could have cried. Kristin Kreuk should have done her research into the character and demanded that they include her SIGNATURE move or she will not participate!! It was given no life whatsoever in the film!?! I vented to my brother about this (who also watched it) but his reply was 'at least she did the fireball.'... but her fireball move was the most pathetic and cheesiest moment of the film.
Chris Klein as Charlie Nash was so bad I wanted to pull my hair out... I never realised until now how BAD of an actor he is!! But I suppose I have only ever seen him in American Pie! Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog was fine but there was a scene where he pulls a gun out!!! PLEASE!!!!! Balrog is a BOXER, not a hitman! Bison was portrayed by Neal McDonaugh and as being Irish. I don't ever remember Bison being Irish!?! ...and he was nowhere as evil as how I think Bison is supposed to be. This film was just so bad. However, referring back to why her signature move was not shown in the film - the only reason I can think of is because they wanted to save it for a possible second film, and to show how she learns it etc, which is fine, but they need to get the first film right to do this!! I hope a remake of this is done - the fact that The Incredible Hulk was released in 2003 with Eric Bana as the lead, then again in 2008 with Edward Norton - makes me hopeful....
Nevertheless, although the film was terrible, if you are familiar with the Video Game, you may still enjoy it. The one thing I actually found OK was Taboo's (from Black Eyed Peas) portrayal of Vega...and on a final note, the original 1994 Street Fighter film is 100 times better than this one.
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