Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Film Review: The Wrestler.

I was genuinely surprised at how good this film was. It was quite slow paced but the wrestling scenes kept it from getting boring. When I first saw this being advertised a couple of years ago, I wanted to watch it, but not at the cinema (£10 ticket!!!) and forgot about it... but I noticed it on LOVEFiLM and decided to place it in my list of rentals a few months ago.
As a child, I watched a lot of wrestling with my older brother and thought the whole thing was real - yes, I really did!! So, I thought this film would be quite enjoyable as I hadn't watched a wrestling match for absolutely ages!
Mickey Rourke plays Robin, a wrestler who had much success in the 80's, but twenty years later, he is broke, is estranged from his daughter and continues to wrestle even though his health is severely deteriorating and is instructed by his doctor that he cannot continue after he suffers a heart attack. He takes up a job at a deli counter and spends some of his evenings at a strip club where he woos Cassidy, a stripper played brilliantly by Marisa Tomei.
The whole storyline is actually quite mundane, but the acting is so brilliant you forget that not a lot is actually happening. My favourite parts are when wrestling matches are being choreographed, and each wrestler is completely out of character and deciding how he's going to attack the other with a staple gun, and if the other will be able to handle it. I thought these scenes were actually quite endearing. I highly recommend this film!
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