Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part II.

To continue my reviews of my favourite Spring 2011 fashion collections is Hervé Léger. I wasn't exactly surprised by what I saw- bodycon in intricate weaving techniques... but this time there were also shark-fin hip details which isn't anything new but they were actually quite sweet when mixed with the bodycon styles.Now, I do love an evening gown and Jenny Packham always delivers some of the most beautiful... and I was not disappointed this season! The colour palette was soft, whimsical and the unexpected sheer all-in-ones were completely alluring. The subtle reference to the 1930s with a touch of orientalism through the prints really worked and complimented the rest of the collection.I was very surprised with Nicole Miller's collection, I don't recall ever paying much attention to them, but her Spring 2011 show was stunning and I think one of the reasons to this was her use of ombré. Ombré is the graduation of tone, which in this case (and most cases when I use it) - in colour. I like to think of it as a sophisticated dip-dye! I have loved ombré for a very long time and actually wanted my entire Graduate Fashion Collection (2007) to be ombréd - however, when I presented my idea to my course leader, he said that it was a bit 'old-lady' and that knocked my confidence with using it, so I didn't! However, when I look back, I really wish I had the guts to just do it!Anyway, going back to Nicole Miller's collection! Apart from her beautiful use of ombré, the shapes were fluid and liquid-like, and the prints were so subtle yet still effective.
Towards the end, white and gunmetal embellishments were introduced on stone bases in an abstract - almost spontaneous pattern and it definitely confirmed to me that this collection was definitely one of my 'most' favourites.Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti's collection was delightful! I loved the super-literal oriental theme in super bright colours and styling some of the outfits with coolie hats really tickled me(!!) as it reminded me of one of my favourite Mortal Kombat characters - Raiden - but that's just completely off-topic anyway!The 1970's themed collection by Marc Jacobs was strong and memorable. However, I felt that some of the fabrics used were sickly-shiny (you would have to check out the collection yourself to see what I mean!) but some of the dresses were beautiful, my favourite being the sleeveless tomato and cherry-blossom blocked maxi with large hip pockets.
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