Saturday, 25 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part IX. Versace.

I haven't felt this strongly about Versace for a very long time! Something about it just made me tick! The colours were delicious and I was delighted when I saw the Aztec pattern through seam lines and prints as it reminded me of the Versace logo which is the head of Medusa (and got my attention as a child as I was/still am highly interested in Ancient Greek Mythology).The knee length pencil dresses looked slick and sexy with my favourite being the washed-camel cutout piece with cutaway neckline, slashed up the middle and blue stencilled Aztec print.I adored the black zip-through PVC dress with transparent Aztec seaming and I don't often pay much attention to tailoring, but the bright orange jacket, edged in PVC with big 60s-esque buttons was so cute - however, with a bare waist and fitted pencil skirt, it still oozed the sexiness the Versace label is known for!I was delighted to eventually see an entire outfit covered in the Aztec print and what I loved most about it - and as I previously mentioned- is that the print looked as though it had been stencilled on, rather than a digital print...I really liked the unrefined look of it!The print then appeared as fringing which was completely unexpected and it just made me love the collection so much more!The fringing then turned into a solid colour where some of it looked like hair! I wasn't crazy about this part (the end) of the collection as I felt it was backtracking to the 'look' of previous collections, but it was small and didn't change how I felt about everything else beforehand. As previously stated, I haven't been this excited about Versace in ages and I now cannot wait to see the next collection!!
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