Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part XI.

I always love Dolce & Gabbana. They manage to make their same recipe of lace and leopard print look new and exciting each time. It was a huge collection and a lot of white!! The white chantilly and guipure lace dresses were beautiful but they all started to morph into each other as there were so many of them, but then a leopard print dress with white lace popped out and I wasn't expecting something like that to work, but it did! The sheer floral dress with white lace was so lovely but my most favourite part of the collection was towards the end where the white lace dresses were suddenly encrusted with beautiful embellishments!The Just Cavalli collections are always initially too busy and overwhelming for me to see. There is just always so much colour, so many prints...just so much going on!! But as always, once I look through properly, there are just so many beautiful details. I adored the sheer white blouse with an ashened floral print and petal collar detail - the trousers however, are a different story.Other elements that I liked was this cream-on-cream embellishment with floral clusters and a dense sequined bib detail. However, what I liked most about the collection (and a very small part of it) were the geode necklaces which were also used in belts and as brooches. I loved the organic look to them which was quite contrasting to the collection, but they certainly caught my eye.
Images from Stylesight.com │ Assembled by nuvonova
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