Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Spring 2011. Part XII. Emilio Pucci.

I knew the Emilio Pucci collection wouldn't let me down. Luxe dresses and embellishments is all I need to see! My attention was caught from the very first dress in china blue and white (also reminiscent of Rodarte's collection) with complimentary embellishment in a stunning cutaway detail. Emilio Pucci definitely knows how to use print and embellishment and I find myself absolutely adoring some of the maxi dresses because of it.At first sight this mini dress is just 'beautiful' but on closer inspection, the surface decoration is outstanding! The cornelli pattern is so simple but looks incredibly flattering as it follows the contours of the body. The tassels are adorable and I never thought I would like a mirror embellishment so much!The collection consistently surprised me and I was hooked! As the final dress came out I was completely blown away - it consisted of the same technique as the previously mentioned dress but this time with noticeable sheer inserts and cutout details...I can't even imagine how long this may have taken to produce but I have the biggest desire to see this in person. I will seek this out in the department stores next year - which I'm sure I will not forget!
Images from │ Assembled by nuvonova
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