Saturday, 4 September 2010


Last April, I had my two top wisdom teeth removed which I blogged about here. Yesterday, I had my difficult, bottom right one removed...and although I said I was traumatised about it last year, I think I was officially traumatised this time. After the procedure (local anaesthetic), I went to buy some paracetamol and soft food, got home and slept for about 15 hours which I have never done before. In my last entry, I showed a cute acrylic painting and a wisdom tooth necklace I found on Etsy, but this time, I am all for the dramatic. The below painting was the first, most suitable thing I found on deviantART when I searched for 'Teeth' and it is by artist Jason Edmiston and it is exactly how I felt - they may as well have just obliterated all my teeth.I had 3 injections in my mouth which were incredibly painful and made me feel very angry! Then my mouth was jerked to the right, where a drill was inserted to break up the tooth as it was in a complicated position to risk digging out in one bit (it was connected to nerves etc). I felt like my mouth was going to be ripped off - OK I obviously didn't physically feel this because of the anaesthetic, but my imagination just wasn't helping the situation. I thought the drilling would be the second worse part after the injections, but how wrong was I. In between the drilling, a mini shovel type instrument was used to take out each section and there was so much pressure applied I started getting the most horrible my surgeon slipping and the instrument going through my face or something. Like I said, my imagination was not helping, so I tried closing my eyes and thinking of something else...but as soon as I did this, my surgeon kept asking if I was I had to keep my eyes open to stop her from worrying - although I did feel very faint from the very first moment the injection penetrated my mouth! I think my last, bottom left wisdom tooth is OK to be left where it is for the time being, I don't think I could cope with another extraction!
(I have just had a proper browse through Jason Edmiston's work which made me laugh, so I will be doing a proper blog entry on his work in the future!)
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