Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Beauty Review: SteamCream.

I'd seen 'SteamCream' mentioned in several places and I was keen to try it out, so I got myself a PPQ decorated tin for £10! Quoted from the site;

"STEAMCREAM represents the latest concept in skincare. Using a revolutionary steam-infused manufacturing process, STEAMCREAM provides a long-lasting, intensive and effective form of skincare that can be used on face, body and hands.

STEAMCREAM have pioneered the use of a steam technique to create this unique, gentle and loosely-bound emulsion. This looseness allows each ingredient – including a moisturising and soothing oatmeal infusion, orange flower water and healing lavender oil – to breakdown and penetrate areas of the skin that other creams find hard to reach.">When I first used the cream, I was expecting a heated effect, the same way with my Soap & Glory 'No Clogs Allowed' Self Heating Detox Mask, but there was no heating at all! Anyway, it never claimed to do this but the name is slightly deceiving and I'm not the only one who thought this!Apart from that, the next most prominent thing I noticed was the smell. It was incredibly strong and made me feel a bit queasy. In fact, I thought the smell was absolutely disgusting. I looked at the ingredients as I was very curious and the dominating smell was actually only Lavender, which I don't usually mind...although I must admit I have never put anything scented with Lavender on my face before, so maybe that was why the scent was so overpowering!
After knowing what it was, I didn't find it 'too' bad after all...although I was still unsure if I liked the herbal-esque scent.
Putting the scent aside, the cream initially felt heavy and greasy on my fingers, but when applied to my face, it blended very easily and I immediately noticed how soft my skin felt.The strong Lavender scent disappeared within 10 minutes (maybe I got used to it?... or maybe I need another opinion?) and it felt very light on my skin.
My skin is dry/sensitive and the cream made it quite shiny, although I'm not sure how it would be for users with oily skin.I like the fact it is in such a pretty and secure tin, which comes in several designs...but I'm not sure if I would ever purchase this again, because apart from making my skin feel soft, there isn't anything visual and £10 is slightly overpriced.
Nevertheless, I probably just need to use it more frequently so I may give an update on this product some time in the future.
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