Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Film Review: Let The Right One In.

A couple of months ago I reviewed an art-house vampire film called 'Thirst' which you can read about here...and I mentioned that it was probably one of the most unique vampire films I had ever watched. However, I have found another unique vampire film called 'Let the Right One In' which is Swedish and was released in 2008.'Let the Right One In' is about a young boy called Oskar who befriends a vampire girl named Eli. He initially isn't interested in speaking to her because he is bullied at school and prefers being alone while fantasising about the many ways he can get his revenge on the bullies. However, because Eli is a vampire (unknown to him at first)...I guess he finds her quite interesting and they form a very close relationship. When Oskar gets his face cut by the bullies, it is the first time Eli is aware that he is being bullied and tells him to stand up for himself... I thought this part was so sweet and you can really see the relationship growing, and almost forgetting the human-vampire difference. Oskar stands up to his bullies on a school trip by striking one of them with a pole which causes severe ear damage.As the relationship between Eli and Oskar grow even more, Oskar suggests doing a blood exchange (which reminded me a lot of 'My Girl') which happens very quickly and I think is the part where you really see Eli as a vampire as she responds to the blood dripping from Oskar's palm. This bit actually made me jump as it was totally unexpected!
Talking about the unexpected, there is a part where Eli feeds on a woman but she is saved by her friend and taken to hospital. She becomes very sensitive to light and bursts into flames when the curtains are opened. This also made me jump but was a great, and much needed scene because the overall pace of the film is really quite slow, so it needed these bits in to bring it back to life-and to bring me out of sleep!My favourite part of the film is definitely the ending where Oskar's bullies are dealt with. I won't say what happened but again, it was totally unpredictable, gruesome and filmed in such a creative way!
I also wanted to comment on the title which I thought was a brilliant choice as it makes a subtle reference to typical vampire criteria in terms of vampires being unable to enter a house without being invited in.
Even though it took me approximately 4 sittings to finish watching this film due to my preference of watching them at night (and constantly falling asleep) and its slightly slow pace, I would definitely put 'Let the Right One In' among my top vampire films and also recommend it to those who aren't really into vampire films but curious about the fuss it has caused.
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