Saturday, 23 October 2010

Giveaway - Final Stage.

I published another giveaway last week where participants needed to submit a colour idea for a second version of my writing gift set as seen below, which they will also win! This includes 5 pouches, 5 envelopes, 10 notecards and 5 stickers. There were brilliant ideas and I really struggled to pick my favourite 3 to be put through for I had to go with the ones that I instantly wanted to have in my Etsy Shop!As you can see below, they're all very different! 'A' was such a great idea and reminded me of how much the smiley emoticon is used! 'B' had a beautiful colour theme of grey, navy and mustard and I felt that it would really compliment my original set, as if one would be for Spring and the other for Autumn! Finally, 'C' was also a instant definite as I've always loved dragonflies and the mix of grey, teal, pale mint and pale blue looked beautiful! Also, the suggested idea for the dragonfly set is to have them looking Art Nouveau-like so if this is the winning set, I will draw them myself!

The Giveaway
Deadline: 29th October 2010/11.30pm BST


What you will win: The set you vote for.

What to do: Leave a comment stating which colour set (A, B or C) you would like to see made into reality!

For additional entries with a maximum of 4: Follow my blog, follow me on Twitter, blog about my giveaway and/or tweet about my giveaway- see my sidebar for these. Please leave separate comments (with your vote) if you do this, and if you're already following me, just say so and it will still count as an additional entry! To clarify, each additional entry also determines which set wins!

Finally: The winner will be picked randomly and will have one week to respond, so please leave your most preferred way to be contacted. I will of course need time to get the set printed and made so it may be a few weeks until you receive your prize. Good Luck!
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