Sunday, 17 October 2010

New Product and Giveaway.

I've wanted to combine my pouches and writing sets together for ages and now I have finally done it! I like to call it my 'Emergency Present Pack' as I have my own set to act as a backup in case I don't have the time to get a present, or a card, then having to wrap it - it is just too much hassle!... so all you have to do is to write your note, pop it into the envelope, seal it with a sticker and pop something special into the pouch such as jewellery, chocolate, or vouchers and you're done!
The photos you see here are of my very first set consisting of 5 white pouches, 10 matte notecards, 5 envelopes and 5 stickers. I was inspired by the colours on make-up palettes, where there are so many shades of foundation, blusher and lipstick! I also used my own drawing of a camellia which I feel helps to pull the set together even more.
The Giveaway
-Deadline: 23rd October 2010/11am BST-

I need help deciding what my next set is going to look like, so I want your suggestions! You can enter as many times as you want and the Giveaway is Worldwide!!
What you will win: If I use your suggestion, I will make it and then send it to you!

What to do: Just copy, paste and delete my guide (in brackets) below into the comments box and tell me your idea! Please also remember to be as detailed as possible, especially with colour.

Pouch colour: (it can be either white or unbleached)
Ribbon colour: (satin only)
Notecard base colour: (this colour will also be the colour of the motif on the pouch)
Envelope colour:
Sticker colours: (these can be 5 different colours or all in one colour)
Motif: (you can stick with my camellia, or suggest something else which I will need to draw...or feel free to browse my Etsy shop for ideas)
Your contact info: email, blog, twitter etc, anything you feel most comfortable with!

What happens next: I will choose my 3 most favourite ideas, CAD them up (which is why you need to be detailed) and put them on my blog (1 week) for people to vote for their favourite! The winning design gets it for themselves (one week to respond) and will be for sale in my Etsy Shop.

The extra bits: I will of course need time to get my notecards and stickers printed, make my pouches, get the ribbon etc so it may be a few weeks until you receive your prize.

I can't wait to read your suggestions and good luck!
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