Saturday, 9 October 2010

Restaurant Review: Hi Sushi - Camden.

Last night, a couple of my friends and I went to have dinner at Hi Sushi in Camden, London. I'm not a sushi person but I'm always keen to try out new places...I won't know unless I try, right? The restaurant is really beautiful and I loved the TV right at the back which played Anime which I thought was a really cute touch - even though I couldn't hear or read anything! The restaurant also looks quite expensive with dishes to match (but maybe I don't appreciate sushi enough to gauge if it is expensive or not) but the majority seemed very fair to me. Right in the middle are two sushi chefs and I actually really enjoy watching them prepare the food (although I couldn't see much from where I was sitting) - Yo!Sushi is actually best for this as you can really see everything and ask for something you want to eat with immediate results! While on the subject of Yo!Sushi, I knew something was funny about the Hi Sushi name, I couldn't put my finger on it until a while later when obviously it is pretty much the same as Yo!Sushi...this slightly agitated me...not sure which one came first but I'm sure there are many more creative sushi names out there!
Nevertheless, they're both very different, Yo!Sushi is fast-food, Hi Sushi is not. Yo!Sushi staff are very friendly, Hi Sushi staff are not...well, I'm sure they are but I did not see one smile or a flicker of emotion...they were like Vulcans! However, I was quite amused by this and further amused at how the male waiters looked like Final Fantasy characters or Japanese pop stars! Yes, I am guilty of being easily amused.Like I said, I'm not really a sushi person and I love my food to be piping I went for two side orders of Gyoza (my pronounciation was immediately corrected from gy-oza to goza!) which are grilled pork dumplings and steamed rice - this was enough to be my 'dinner' and it was only £6.20 altogether. I don't like alcohol so eating out is always pretty cheap for me! I think this will become 'my dish' whenever I go to a Sushi restaurant from now on.
My friends shared a buffet where they can pick up to 7 dishes (by ticking on a list) for £13 (I think! - sorry, wasn't paying that much attention!) and it was certainly enough for 2 people! The dish on the left actually looked nice but I wasn't sure about the dodgy looking orange sauce on the other one - I did ask what this was but I forgot - but I think it was something spicy. I would definitely go to Hi Sushi again, it has a nice atmosphere and service is fast...although I do feel I should be eating much more!
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