Friday, 8 October 2010

Spring 2011. Part XIX.

Many of my work colleagues thought the Louis Vuitton collection was extremely tacky, but it's oriental and it's 1920s, my cup of tea! I don't think any collection can go wrong in my eyes if it's made up of my favourite elements! The styling was beautiful and I thought the excessiveness was delightful!!I adored Stella McCartney's Resort 2011 collection and was hoping that some of the pieces would have progressed into her Spring 2011 collection, however I did not recognise any. Nevertheless, I absolutely loved her double-thigh split dresses!Although a lot of the pieces in the Yves Saint Laurent collection were 'too old' for my taste, I still found pieces that I adored! My favourite being the white thigh-split skirt with a contrast black binding and the neckline of the top is just simply beautiful! I also loved the sheer Persian blue halter dress with a high-leg bodysuit...I wish I could carry something like that off!
Images from │ Assembled by nuvonova
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