Thursday, 7 October 2010

Spring 2011. Part XVIII. Givenchy.

This blog entry is all about the Givenchy collection which I absolutely love! I adore how it is the complete opposite to what a Spring collection typically looks like, who says that a Spring collection has to be all pastels and flowers! The colour palette is so simple, but it is so Givenchy and so effective. Black, white, nude and leopard print. I love wearing leopard print but it is so hard to find in a nice style and most importantly, as a nice pattern/colour...Givenchy does leopard print wonderfully!Givenchy also does Gothic extremely well but it is never overly hard-edged and has a beautiful decadent quality to it. The long sheer skirts look stunning and I particularly liked the sheer-white leopard devoré version!It is so clear to me when a collection makes me tick because I start conjuring up a little story around the collection and with Givenchy, I could imagine something like a vampire version of the Amazons (a tribe of all-female warriors in Greek mythology) wearing this collection!! Oh how great would this idea be as a film and how amazing would they look?!!?
Images from and │ Assembled by nuvonova
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