Saturday, 16 October 2010

Spring 2011. Part XXIII.

At first glance I was a bit disappointed with the Miu Miu collection. I usually always want to wear everything in previous collections, but this time there was literally one dress that I loved - a black dress with leather openwork around the neckline, I thought this was beautiful! It also came in other colours but I thought they looked a bit garish. Nevertheless, I generally really loved elements of the other pieces in the collection such as a colour blocked star formed within pleats which I thought looked beautiful and I'm sure would look even more beautiful in motion! I also loved the oriental touches such as the navy, white and pomegranate red lotus blossom print.Ann Demeulemeester's collection was completely effortless and reminded me a lot about my very positive feelings towards the Haider Ackermann collection. It had an edgy oriental notion - like the aforementioned designer, but I also loved the reference to fencing which wasn't that obvious to me at first which I think is because I definitely have oriental on the brain! However, it wasn't until the end when I reached the chainmaille fencing masks when I had my 'Oh, fencing!!' moment! I then proceeded to look through the collection again and realised there was a ton of referencing to fencing! Just to back up my thoughts of the orient being part of this collection are the wide self-belts and loose, wispy straps, both reminiscent of an obi belt. The presence of Trapunto stitching across all fabrications further made me think 'oriental'.Nevertheless, fencing was the most obvious theme, in regards to the mask and Plastron details which also followed through onto the footwear which was so beautiful! I always yearn to wear white shoes in the summer but nice styles are so difficult to find! Overall, a brilliant collection from Ann Demeulemeester across all aspects - clothing, footwear, styling etc...
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