Saturday, 20 November 2010

Beauty Review: Glad Hair Day Ultra Shine Daily Shampoo.

If you look through my Hair & Beauty category, you will notice how much Soap & Glory products I have been using, all completely bought by myself! When I first started buying them, there wasn't much, but I seem to be finding a new product each day! My newest one is the Glad Hair Day shampoo which I was very excited about using because Soap & Glory products smell so delicious...and I was not let down! It had a yummy, fruity smell which I assume is from the 'raspberry fruit vinegar' ingredient. It isn't bad for £5 which you get a tube of 250ml...but it is still about 50% more expensive than what I spend on standard shampoo of a similar amount and I wash my hair every day.However, the smell is super addictive, my hair is so soft and smooth after use and most importantly, my hair feels clean...there are no negative aspects in regards to the actual product that I will continue to use it! This won't be as expensive as I initially thought because I like to use about 4-5 different shampoos in a week (I find that my hair is in better condition if I don't stick to the same shampoo) so, as long as I don't buy another 'higher' priced shampoo, there shouldn't be much difference! I know it sounds like I am trying to convince myself to continue using it (maybe I am)...but if you try it, you would understand my dilemma!
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