Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Beauty Review: Hei Poa Monoi Milk SPF 25

Although this product review is now quite irrelevant because London is getting colder and colder each day, I still wanted to review the Hei Poa Monoi Milk SPF 25 in hope that it can be useful to someone else in a much warmer and sunnier place! I bought this sunscreen a few months ago when London was absolutely baking and I wanted to try something different instead of the usual commercial products that I would usually buy. I loved the exotic-looking packaging which also gave it a sense of authenticity, along with the brand name which I had never come across until I was searching for sunscreens. The reference to 'milk' also won me over which I think is derived from when I was a child and had learned that Cleopatra would bathe in milk to preserve the beauty of her skin...and whether it is true or not, at that age, I believed everything!The next most important thing I look for with sunscreens is that I can spray it onto my skin, for ease and convenience...then of course comes the scent. Coconut was most prominent with sweet undertones and the 'milk' was easy to apply over my skin. This could potentially be my staple sunscreen and I am keen on trying out the other Hei Poa products such as the body butters and oils!
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