Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory 'Clear Here' Oil Control Daily Moisture Lotion.

As I sit here typing up my review on Soap & Glory's 'Clear Here' Oil Control Daily Moisture Lotion...I wonder why I ever bought it?! My skin is nowhere near oily, in fact it is dry/sensitive...this was completely an accidental purchase which goes hand-in-hand with the fact that I love the Soap & Glory brand so much that I wanted to try everything out! So, I think I must have only seen 'poreshrink' and 'skin perfector' which prompted me to buy it! For £8, it isn't bad if it does what it says, which unfortunately I have not had the pleasure in seeing for myself due to the wrong skin type - but I have high hopes. Although, when I did use it, I didn't really like the smell or the feeling of it on my skin, but as I mentioned - wrong skin type.
I will be passing this onto my sister to use as it seems like it will suit her skin much better than mine especially with the 'mattifying' finish it may give as she is always blotting the oil off her skin which I think is ridiculous as she is only 14! Anyway, I will give an update on this product at a later date.
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