Saturday, 27 November 2010

deviantART: *ravenskar

I've been trying to stick to blogging about my favourite deviants over on deviantART every month but I haven't done so in ages! I promise to try harder as there are so many amazing artists I want to shout about! On this occasion, I will be shouting about *ravenskar.I first spotted her work back around January when the above piece, titled 'something like an astronomer' caught my eye as it was part of the Daily Deviations where pieces are chosen and featured. I loved the feisty look of this character and the flushes of pink in her hair. I also thought her hands looked great, which was always something I often struggled with when studying Art & Design at college, so I always appreciate it when other people get it so right!Next is 'dj goh goh' which was a commission, and the black and purple colouration was just so beautiful! Again, I loved the character which I later found out is a mix between a Go-Go dancer, cheerleader, DJ and my most favourite part, ninja!! I can completely see this even though it isn't even a full painting!And lastly, '400,000 hits' which ravenskar painted in celebration for the 400,000 hits to her deviantART page. I thought she was absolutely adorable and I'd love to see her as an animated character! If you look on ravenskar's page, you will see that she has a variety of drawing styles, but the ones I have featured on my blog are my most favourite!
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