Thursday, 18 November 2010

Film Review: Daybreakers.

I really wanted to watch this at the cinema when it came out several months ago but didn't get the chance to, so I was super excited to finally watch it on DVD!
Daybreakers is set in 2019 where a plague causes most of the human population to turn into vampires. I don't think I have seen a film set along this idea before (and I want to watch ALL vampire films ever made!) so I thought it would be quite good, and it was.
Back to the plot, Ethan Hawke plays Edward who is a vampire hematologist and is under pressure to create an alternative to blood as humans have pretty much become extinct, therefore the vampires will eventually not have anything to consume!

There are three parts of the film that are most memorable. The first is when they are testing out a possible blood alternative which seems to work at first but then prompts the testee to literally explode. I was not expecting this to happen and it made me jump! The second is when a gargoyle-looking creature is the result of a vampire who has not been able to feed. I thought this was a great idea (instead of them simply withering away) and wished that they had a much bigger part to play in the film because they looked brilliant!The third is when the viewer is introduced to a possible cure for a vampire to become human - and again, I don't think I have come across this idea before in films. The cure is simply direct exposure to sunlight for a short time. Even though this idea is part clever, part ironic (as sunlight would eventually kill a vampire) and almost humorous, I felt that it should have been much harder!
Overall, I felt that the film was great and if you enjoy vampire films, you will like this regardless of some obvious shortcuts in the storyline. The film rating is a 15, but I think they should have had more 'gargoyles' (to take over the entire city and to cause much more chaos!) and definitely more blood and gore to push it up to an 18.
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