Thursday, 9 December 2010

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Hand Break.

If you have ever looked through my Hair & Beauty category on my blog, you will notice that I am a little obsessed with the Soap & Glory beauty brand! One of my most recent purchases is their hand care set which I originally bought as a gift...but, I decided to keep it for myself! I know I know, it's a terrible thing to do, but I really really wanted it! It features a classic metal rack which holds Hand Food™ Hydrating Hand Cream 250ml (which I had previously purchased in tube form a few months ago, but I prefer it so much more in a dispenser!) and Wash Your Hands of It™250ml Hand Wash.I already knew that the hand cream would be wonderful and had no doubt that the hand wash would be wonderful too. Like the rest of the Soap & Glory products, the scent was amazing and I'm sure I always end up lathering my hands with it longer than one needs to! Having both products side by side is also great as it encourages me to use the hand cream (which I really need to as I do a lot of hand-work in my full-time job and hobbies) which I can sometimes forget until my hands start to feel papery, which is horrible!
Like my original reason of buying the set, this makes a great gift (and it is only £8) fact, I have noticed that Soap & Glory offers many gift-like products (via ASOS.COM) which is so important for beauty brands and I often get frustrated at being unable to buy 'mini' products of brands I like as gifts or as a tester...and in the end, it is their benefit to offer this as it only takes a small amount of product to possibly gain a customer for life - like it did with me!
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