Wednesday, 29 December 2010

deviantART: =armene

I'm getting much better at frequently doing my deviantART entries now and a few weeks ago, I came across armene. I usually blog about artists I have had saved for quite a while, but armene's photography really blew me away, and that rarely happens when it comes to photography!I think the first piece of my entry was what caught my attention, titled 'Sea Dreams'...I just thought it was such a beautiful, contemporary and clever idea...completed understated and something I would love to have blown up and put on a wall in my home. The next piece called 'Medusa' (I knew it was Medusa influenced before I read the title!) was again, such a clever fact, a lot of her pieces made me think, 'clever!'.The best and also majority of armene's work is when there is subtle nudity involved, which due to the fact of wanting to keep my blog open for all, I won't be placing here. However, I feel it is completely harmless and should be fine anyway, but I won't take the risk! These pieces are tasteful with plenty of humour, and if you like the pieces I have featured here, you will absolutely love the rest of her work, so be sure to check her gallery out!Armene has definitely helped open my eyes to the world of photography, which has never been something I have completely appreciated, but I definitely am keen on finding more now!
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