Saturday, 4 December 2010


I hadn't placed a 'big' order from MOO.COM for a very long time, so I was very surprised when I received my order from a couple of weeks ago (there was a 30% discount promotion!) as I could really see how much they had grown! Below are my new 'minicards', which was actually one of the first products I ever got from MOO.COM about 2 years ago, and what first caught my attention. They originally presented minicards in an optic white, plastic box (which I still love and often utilised which you can see here) but this time, I received my minicards in their upgraded white card box with a flash of orange and MOO definitely looked a lot more professional! I had previously received newsletters from them explaining their new packaging but I never really paid much attention so I was thoroughly impressed! Also loved the 'mine', 'theirs' and 'favourites' dividers although I rarely ever get minicards from people I buy from...hopefully some time in the future they will become much more common!!
As you can see, I went for a very simple design on my minicards... my little illustration and website on the back - another thing I love about MOO.COM - you can print on the back with no additional (ridiculous) cost! You can also have all your minicards completely different, you don't just have to settle with the one design...a real rarity when it comes to commercially printed products.The next product I got were the standard business cards, I didn't really need these but I couldn't resist the 30% discount! Again, packaging was lovely and the dividers will surely come in use eventually. It was really late when I was designing my cards, and I had forgotten that I could have several different cards, which is incredibly useful for me as I sell such a variety of things in my I only have the one design, which I don't mind too much! Card quality is excellent and MOO.COM is always the first place I think of when people ask 'where to get nice business cards'! I will be keeping a look out for the next discount...
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