Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fall 2010. Part X.

Alberta Ferretti's collections never disappoint. I always know what to expect as she consistently keeps to her signature looks, but they still look fresh each time. A lot of the embellishments had aurora borealis stones which gives that strong vintage look that I always love and adds subtle hints of colour to the garments. There were also dresses covered in ribbon cornelli that just looked wonderful, such as the pale peach and black one I have featured below.
The silver embellished dress with the finest mesh just looks so dreamy and the embellishment on wispy mesh sleeves are reminiscent of the 3.1 Phillip Lim dress I featured in a previous entry. Overall, I loved every piece in this collection!I really liked Blumarine's concoction of tie-dyed pieces for Spring/Summer 2010 so I was keeping my eyes wide open for their Fall 2010 collection. Although I wouldn't personally wear a lot of the pieces shown, I actually found it pretty good and the caged rhinestones sprinkled into the fringed skirt was cute!Emporio Armani's customer is much older than I am so I often find his collections boring (as naturally, I like things that I could wear myself!) although I still really appreciate the small details such as the rose skirt (beautiful!) and rose dress. Having said that, there are so many rose details in a lot of the collections!The collection by Gianfranco Ferré started off slow for me (a lot of tailored pieces which I don't tend to pay much attention to!) but the last quarter was filled with luxurious, full-length caramel-coloured gowns with gold and bronze armour-like details which was really quite stunning. Although I quite liked the Fendi collection, admittedly, I liked the footwear a whole lot more! I just adored the cute little rubber toe caps and lacing detail!The Prada collection had some really nice elements such as the ruffled fabrics covering the bust and under-bust cut outs, but overall, it was too 'prim' for me...although the use of 'fuller' models was really refreshing to see. Also, I was completely smitten with the contrast cable knit tights!!!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fall 2010. Part IX.

Milan is truly blowing me away. There have been so many exciting shows so far! Moschino's diffusion line, Cheap & Chic was just a bustle of fun as the models were all acting as though they were huge celebrities walking out of a hotel which was an obvious promotion for the brand's new hotel in Italy! I will do a separate blog entry about this because the rooms are just spectacular! However, amidst all the 'OK' outfits, I did take a liking to this rose dress.No.21 is the new label name of Alessandro Dell'Acqua and as a whole collection, I thought it was really lovely. The colour palette was soft with interesting colour combinations such as a periwinkle blue dress, styled with a leopard print jacket... in my mind it doesn't work, but in vision, it did! I absolutely adored the scratchy bouquet prints which were accentuated with bugle bead embellishments.Roberto Cavalli's diffusion collection, Just Cavalli was crazy! Completely not what I would wear as there were too many prints and too many colours all mixed together into one outfit! However, I was able to pick 3 out of 46 outfits that I actually really liked and these were the 'most' simple ones in the collection. I especially liked the hip frill detail.

The first couple of outfits from Frankie Morello's collection with the structured, quilted looks slightly reminded me of Louise Goldin's collection (which I loved!), so I naturally took more of an interest. The idea of a rhinestone encrusted harness sounds dreadful, but styled against the casual black pieces, it just about works. There was also something about the black, glossy sequin bodycon dress worn under a torn t-shirt and oversized hooded jacket that looked so exciting!... and the mesh dress with pointy shoulders and accent rhinestones was just really beautiful and I hope to see it in future fashion editorials.I really liked the Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Dsquared² and was really looking forward to seeing what they did for Fall 2010...and at first, I was quite disappointed and hated the make up. However, the more I looked (while trying not to look at the faces!), the more I was liking it! There are really nice elements to a lot of the outfits, like the semi-rose fabric manipulation detail on this red leather dress and the black leather zip-through high-waisted skirt. Then I saw the rhinestone encrusted spine detail and I was won over. I think collections should be a mix of outfits that are utterly wearable (I mean, designers need to be able to sell some of it!) and some that don't necessarily need to be, but has to be amazing to compensate...such as the spine dress. Nevertheless, I could totally see Megan Fox wearing it!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Fall 2010. Part VIII.

Fall 2010 shows have previously shown in New York, London, and now we are onto Milan Fashion Week! One of the first shows I saw was D&G, which is Dolce & Gabbana's diffusion (younger) line and I think it could possibly be one of my most favourite collections so far! It was lovingly literal with the ski-resort theme, and I was completely hypnotised while I watched a video of the show! I also think this is the first time ever that I have put more than 10 images in one blog entry and this is only about one collection! As you can probably tell, this collection has made me extremely excitable!
The knitted bodysuits instantly caught my eye and I was over-the-moon when more and more versions of them came out! The Fair Isle knits were adorable and even more so when the same festive patterns started to appear on chiffon!
As you can see, the colour palette started with red and white and smoothly changed into grey and white. It was all still very 'in sync' which I was most grateful for as I tend to hate it when so many different things are happening in a collection that you forget you are still looking at the same one!
The cropped cardigan worn with a grey cable-knit romper was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen and I was in such awe!There was another colour change from grey and white, to black and white...and I really admired how everything was just so perfect, consistent and co-ordinated! This final colour palette made way for an array of white fluttery dresses with black accents which I believe was a nod towards the design duo's Italian roots.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fall 2010. Part VII.

I know I'm doing a lot of Fall 2010 fashion show entries, but once they have finished, I will certainly get back to my usual posts! This is the last entry for London and they have certainly saved some of the best for last, such as the Burberry Prorsum collection. I knew I would love this collection when I started paying a lot of attention to the coats and jackets as most of my entries on the shows so far have mainly been about the dresses and embellishments!... I also knew I loved this collection when I found it incredibly difficult to filter down what images to put on my blog and for the first time, I have added footwear! The shearling-lined boots were just so beautiful I couldn't resist showing them!
I adored the epaulette longline zip-through cardigan and the double-breasted fur jacket almost made me shriek! The zip-through lace blouse was also a real delight!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fall 2010. Part VI.

I hadn't been overly excited by the Fall 2010 shows in London but there has been a bit of a turn around!
First up is Christopher Kane's beautiful collection that was predominantly made from black lace, black matte leather and black patent leather with colour being introduced through lovely floral embroideries. My favourite piece in the collection has to be the simple lace blouse with an embroidered leather collar. Later on into the collection, the embroideries morphed into an embellishment, which were close to looking seriously tacky as I don't think it was dense enough, and chunkier stones clustered together may have had a better look. Apart from that (although I do have a 'thing' about embellishments!), I really liked it!Antonio Berardi's collection was not as exciting as how I remember his collections to be... but, I think it may be because I am overly obsessed with velvet, dresses and embellishments! The majority of his collection was quite 'clean' looking, and then I saw the back of his very last dress! I wanted to see more of this!! However, I think the key to a good collection is to leave the viewer wanting more.Erdem are always fantastic at prints, but I took a particular liking to their grey lace dresses which had such beautiful embroidered detail!I'm seeing a pattern emerge while I've been doing my blog entries on the fashion shows... and I have discovered that I have a huge tendency to only like the last outfit! The one below is by Nicole Farhi and is just stunning.I really loved the collection by Marios Schwab! I adored how all the dresses were mini length but with long sleeves and an emphasis on the empire and waist lines. The lacing detail with oversized metal clips was a brilliant touch and you could really see that there was a lot of attention to the cut of each garment.Just for fun, here is a little something from Pam Hogg's collection! I just thought it was adorable!