Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now Radiance Energy Balm.

I really loved the Soap & Glory Night Cream and was keen to try something moisturising for the day, so I purchased Bright Here Bright Now! My skin certainly seemed brighter and had a nicer glow to it - in comparison to my standard moisturising cream (Nivea). However, the glow has a touch of shine to it which makes me think that it may be too greasy for oily skin, as I have dry/sensitive. The cream sinks into my skin very easily and it also feels smoother.
Although my review of the product is generally quite positive, I probably won't purchase this again as £10 is a lot for a cream I want to use daily and with it not being totally perfect. When I moisturise my face, I love rubbing the cream with my palms then applying and massaging, which is great with my Nivea and I know I haven't missed any areas...however, with Bright Here Bright Now, I need to dot it onto my face, then be very careful with rubbing it in, as I learnt the hard way that getting it in your eyes is not the best feeling (the product did make a note of NOT getting it in your eyes though!) - something I never have an issue with when using Nivea.
Overall, nice product but not too fussed about using it again.
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