Sunday, 9 January 2011

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Clean, Girls Body Wash.

Continuing with my Soap & Glory obsession, here is their body wash. I instantly loved the pump bottle as I find it a lot easier to use in the shower and also loved how big it was (£5.65 for 500ml) as I always get through standard sized (250ml) body washes much too quickly. It's the same with how I wish I could afford one of those really huge perfume bottles that you see in department stores!
I was surprised by the scent as it wasn't instantly recognisable as being by Soap & Glory unlike their other almost had a cologne- like hint to it which at first was a bit of a shock but I have actually come to like it!
Even though it has a nice lather and there is in fact nothing really wrong about the product, it didn't have a strong enough affect on me to want to purchase again. I guess I am almost indifferent about it. Nice, but not good enough.
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