Thursday, 27 January 2011

British Sellers on Etsy.

I recently joined the British Sellers on Etsy team and have come across so many amazing shops based in the UK, I had no idea there were so many! The team will most probably reach a 1000 members in a few weeks time and I'm having so much fun discovering shops with things I would absolutely buy and know that I could potentially receive it in only a couple of days! So, to celebrate my...I guess I would call it my 'findings', I wanted to show some of it off!
My Life Had Stood A Loaded Gun - Giclee Print by angelacallanan

Linen Pincushion-crochet motif by namolio

Pastelle - prasiolite, pink amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, crystal quartz, blue topaz and lemon quartz necklace in oxized silver by Kianda

Amigurumi Kawaii Cream Kitten by cutedesigns

Grey Patent Leather Scallop Satchel by frenchenglish

Valentine Butcher Bunny - art doll sculpture by FionaArt

6-12m Valentine Love Flopsy Bunny Rabbit Crochet Hat - Baby Pink

Adam and Eve by holeinmypocket

Little Snow White - Illustrated Moleskine Journal with apple window by heidiburton
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