Friday, 7 January 2011

Film Review: Mulan (2009)

I can't remember if I ever watched Disney's Mulan as a child, but I do remember liking the idea of a girl pretending to be a boy and going to fact I like all ideas of female empowerment in films - even though she was pretending to be male! I also remember doing a quiz at school, where we were put in groups, and I was the one writing down the answers. The answer to one of the questions was 'Mulan' but I didn't know this and someone in my group had mouthed it to me, but I thought they said 'Moonman' (whatever that may be). Anyway, our group lost because of that one error (my group wasn't so impressed with me) and I remembered 'Mulan' ever since.Over Christmas and New Year, I had the flu and watched a ridiculous amount of films on the sofa and came across Mulan while I raided my brother's stash of DVDs. I had no idea they had made it into an actual film and was so excited to watch it!!
I was instantly impressed with the actress playing Mulan (Wei Zhao), she was beautiful but understated, and perfect for the role...I also felt that her fighting scenes and times of hardship were very authentic looking. The thing I hate most (especially in Hollywood films) in regards to females playing 'tough' roles, is that they never really look 'rough', if that makes sense! There is still a sense of producers still trying to keep the female actresses looking pretty, which entirely spoils the film. However, the only mainstream film that I can think of that was really well done, was 'Monster', with Charlize Theron. She looked spectacularly rough and her Academy Award was well deserved!!I was quite surprised at the one-line humour in the film as it really made me laugh but without spoiling the overall mood of the film, which is passionate and dramatic. ..this is such a rare thing to happen because I can be very fickle when watching films, and one small action or a comment could easily influence my overall feeling of it. I would definitely class this film as 'epic', and recommend it to those who enjoy the genre. It is of course subtitled but you shouldn't let this put you off. Some of the best films out there are foreign. I thought the fighting choreography was fantastic and the film coped well without CGI - something I have recently enjoyed watching, but glad to know that I don't really need it!!
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