Sunday, 2 January 2011

Nina Ricci Precious.

I always have to love the perfume bottle at an equal amount to the actual scent to make me want to buy it, as perfume is just generally very expensive for such a novelty...and Nina Ricci's Precious apple-shaped bottle was one that I have wanted for a while now! With all the sales going on at the moment, I took advantage and got myself a bottle of the Limited Edition version (with no idea on the smell) which has Swarovski crystals encrusted into the leaves. To be completely honest though, I much prefer the original red bottle, but I couldn't find that at a better discount! The Limited Edition bottle is slightly too 'Paris Hilton' for me, but it still looks cute!
I wish I could describe the scent in a professional way, but I just don't know how! So, to keep it simple, I found the scent to be quite fruity and sweet but in a very light way...and unfortunately, that's all I have! I wouldn't usually wear this scent, but it has definitely grown on me!
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