Monday, 10 January 2011

Pre-Fall 2011. Part I.

I'm usually faster to blog about new collections but better late than never! The Pre-Fall 2011 collections started around December and I have just been able to have a good look at them...and here are some of my favourites! (Click on the images for a larger view!)
I always like Chanel and this was just an adorable collection. The use of embellishment definitely won me over when used in panelled sections and pocket accenting. I loved the cutout shoulder silhouettes and overall colour palette of sea-blue, forest green, cream and black (as always with Chanel!) and gold.Next is a snippet from the Helmut Lang collection which is understatedly beautiful and I never tire of that print which I am sure I see over and over again but with slight adjustments! I was particularly fond of the black leather trench, and I don't tend to notice outerwear!BCBG by Max Azria was so exciting! The colour-blocking was stunning and I would never have thought these colours together could look so beautiful. I adored the pleated fabrics and unpredictable hem lengths.The last collection for this blog entry is Burberry Prorsum which although started off slow for me (the beginning is just too casual for my taste), ended with some great pieces! The soft crimped maxi looks were fantastic, especially styled with leather obi belts and the heavy fur trimmed skirt looked really fresh!
Images from │ Assembled by nuvonova
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