Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pre-Fall 2011. Part II.

Continuing with my views on Pre-Fall 2011 (you can see all my fashion/catwalk entries here), Valentino was delightful as always! The same ingredients are always used but I never tire of seeing the collections. The monochrome rose sleeve shift dress is amazing and the sorbet leather elements surprisingly worked. The fur trimmed coat was fun and I've been noticing fur everywhere! You will know what I mean as I continue with my entries and especially as we get into the full AW11 collections.I don't think I have ever featured the Rochas collection before...I've always liked them but never enough to talk about, but I'm sure the styling and model were a big influence this time! I thought the model looked like a vintage doll and the hats made me chuckle! I loved the nude silk godet skirt as the seamed panels look amazing and overall silhouette of each outfit looked really interesting!Above is Preen, where Ikat prints look like recoloured fairisles and I loved it all over on a sheer shirt dress! There was a nod to retro influences such as the middle outfit which looked like a reworked 50s dress with tight pleating. I also took notice of the mauve-tinted mushroom colour which I imagine to look incredibly flattering on all skin tones!J.Mendel also looked strong with beautiful draped Helen-of-Troy-esque dresses (first thought that came in my head!), then I thought of Conan when I saw the fur (I know, totally random!)! I definitely took a strong liking to the burnt orange evening dress with layers upon layers of raw-cut silk chiffon which gave the overall look an amazing texture!Lastly, Alexander Wang. I wasn't blown away as usual with this collection, but the fact that it is just incredibly wearable made me want to mention it!! Each outfit is beautifully styled and I really loved the burnt orange asymmetric dress - and I would actually love to see the back of this!
Images from │ Assembled by nuvonova
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